Oakley Sonnenbrille Half Jacket 2.0 W/Irid Polar

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Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium
Ref: Oo9144-01


Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses – Gig, protection and comfort are sculpted non…a new dimension of style with an interchangeable lens design that keeps you a step ahead of changing gut verträglich conditions. The latest evolution of our coveted Half Jacket® sunglass, it wraps your vision in the razor-sharp clarity of High Bestimmung Optics® (HDO®:). Wherever your sport takes you, you’ll have the all-day comfort oder Ähnlichelightweight design that um den Dreh rum take punishing abuse while serving up premium optical technology. Ur unverfälscht Half Jacket became essential gear for athletes, and version 2.0 takes the proud heritage to the next level of design. But when it came to protection and comfort, we weren’t about to mess with the best, so we made it with the same lightweight O MatterTM frame material and Unobtainium® components that keep it comfortably in place, even when you’re dripping with sweat. The Three-Point Gut in Form won’t hook your ears like ordinary frames, and it keeps the lenses in precise alignment so they um den Dreh rum give your eyes the vision of victory. When the sun decides to play hide-and-seek, zuletzt swap out the lenses with a new sine temporeand you’ll be fully armed with performance. With HDO® lenses, Half Jacket 2.0 features XYZ Optics® to keep vision sharp and accurate all the way to the peripheral edge. Weltall lenses are made of pure Plutonite® to filter out all UV, and this premium eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for optical clarity and impact resistance. We engineered plenty of fakultativ lenses for Half Jacket 2.0, so you’ll be ready for any environment. Iridium® lens coatings balance gut verträglich transmission and reduce glare. Frame: Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® frame material Comfort and performance of Three-Point Gut in Form that holds the lenses in precise optical alignment Unobtainium components that increase grip when you sweat Metal icon accents Lenses: Interchangeable lens design to optimize performa…
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium
Ref: Oo9144-01

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